ISO 9001 – Quality management systems

What characterizes today’s successful companies? A hallmark is quality. Quality in the internal work, in relations with customers and in delivered products and services.

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What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems that helps organizations ensure that their products and services are of high quality and meet customer requirements. By establishing a quality policy, objectives, and processes, organizations can create a culture of quality that helps them improve their productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 is a standard applicable to all organizations, regardless of their size or industry. It assists organizations in identifying and resolving issues promptly, reducing costs, and enhancing their competitiveness. It also helps organizations manage risks and comply with laws and regulations to ensure high quality in their products and services.

What is the difference between ISO 9000 and ISO 9001?

ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 are crucial within quality management systems. ISO 9000 establishes basic terms and definitions that create uniform terminology for organizations implementing quality management systems, while ISO 9001 is a specific standard that sets detailed requirements for effective quality management systems. It is used globally by organizations to maintain high product and service quality.

The difference is clear: ISO 9000 provides the foundation, while ISO 9001 contains the requirements for quality management systems. Both standards are indispensable for organizations striving for high quality and continuous improvement. Following ISO 9001 ensures that the organization meets the highest standards, while ISO 9000 builds a common foundation for understanding.

By having a solid understanding of ISO 9000, organizations can enhance their ability to implement and maintain quality management systems, which, in turn, can lead to a smoother and more successful ISO 9001 certification process.

Why certify your company to ISO 9001?

Benefits of an certification:

  • Fewer misunderstandings, corrections, and complaints
  • Management systematically works on development and improvement
  • Emphasis on preventive initiatives rather than corrective actions
  • Involvement of staff in quality work
  • Reduced need for second-party audits or ‘customer audits’
  • Your company meets the commonly encountered customer requirement for certification
  • Your company and its products gain greater trust”

The benefits of an ISO 9001 certification can be immediately seen in the business in the form of:

  1. Higher productivity
  2. Better precision in business control
  3. Lower costs
  4. Staff gains a better understanding of the whole
  5. Increased competitiveness
  6. More power to focus on the right things
  7. Clear goal alignment
  8. Improved financial outcomes

The ISO 9001 standard is well-established and widely accepted by the global market. ISO 9001 certification can be advantageously combined with other management systems, such as ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and occupational health and safety certification ISO 45001.

With our audits from Nordic Certification, we review the following:

We place additional emphasis on ensuring that the management system generates business and economic value for the company.

  • Management responsibility and commitment.
  • Achievement of operational goals
  • Customer feedback
  • Internal audits
  • Analysis of collected information
  • Improvements, corrective, and preventive actions

Specific focus areas planned for the audit may include, for example, the market and sales process, design and development process, production management, logistics process, procurement process, document management, reporting documents, and, where applicable, measuring and testing equipment. An ISO 9001 certification from Svensk Certifiering always benefits your business positively in a business sense.

Nordic Certification is accredited for certification according to ISO 9001 and is audited against ISO 17021 “Management system for certification bodies” by SWEDAC.

Do you need assistance with certification according to ISO 9001?

Svensk Certifiering’s auditors have more than ten years of experience in assisting organizations in achieving quality certification according to ISO 9001. Prioritizing quality and industry expertise is a key to our success.

We are here to help you! Whether you need information about the certification process or want to request a quote directly, we are available to assist you in the best possible way. Additionally, we can take over your existing certificate from another certification body and support you throughout the entire certification cycle. Feel free to contact us for more information about our services and how we can assist you in achieving the highest quality standard for your business.