Welcome to Nordic Certification, the certification partner for your business. Our clients come from virtually every industry, and our business reflects the diversity that exists within the corporate community. Therefore our clients can rely on our comprehensive experience of certification work by our auditors. The development moves forward, and new industries and businesses are constantly emerging. We follow everything that happens, constantly striving to stay ahead. ​

Certification for telecom, engineering, IT, process, medical

These are the traditional business areas where quality control based on ISO 9001 soon came to be claimed by various stakeholders. Our auditors have been working with these types of companies since the early 1990s, when we undertook our first audits for quality and environment.

Certification for school

Certification for school is our latest product. We have the background and prospects of implementing a successful certification of your school. Certification for the school will provide a better amenity for both teachers and students.

A certification gives many positive effects. By establishing a clear direction of your school, it may have beneficial effects on the entire operation. Research shows that clear objectives in terms of measurable goals, clear regulations and a committed management provides the right conditions to bring out the best in the learning process. The certification also means continuous improvement of the business and the learning process. Improvement work is ensured through continuous evaluation and establishment of action and new performance management. Contact us and we will let you know more of what a certification for your particular school will mean in practice.

Food industry certification

Nordic Certification is a CA with experience performing certifications in the food sector. We emphasize that we are happy to have the experience of certifications from “farm to table”.

As an addition to quality, environmental, health and safety certification, we work with a number of standards that are specially adapted for primary production, food and feed production. Reason for this is that there is a great interest in these areas to prove their ability to produce and provide safe products.

To meet the industry’s requirements, we work with ISO 22000, and can also offer certification for the BRC standard by the supplier.

Forestry and paper certification

We offer certification for both forest and paper mills.

Certification for the wood and furniture industry

These are two sectors where we early started working with quality certifications, and Nordic Certification has become a name that inspires confidence in the field.

Certification for graphic industry and technology

This is an industry that demands accuracy and precision, and where customers often require active environmental and quality programs – for example by following the guidelines in ISO 14001.

Plastics and rubber industry certification

These industries started early to work with quality certification. Subcontractors to the automotive industry, in recent years, have also been required to work according to TS 16949. Now many have switched to operating systems, considering the environment is an important aspect of the industry. An operational system starts from the company’s own standards, and is then built around the requirements of customers and external regulations.

ISO-Certification for vehicles, transport and logistics

Many company’s environmental impact lies in this particular area. A fact that makes it easy for companies in these industries to show that they are serious about their environmental efforts, and that they are aware of their environmental impact.

Certification for sanitation, recycling, electricity / energy producers

Our environment with all of its assets are valuable resources. In case you can not avoid waste, it must be recovered or at least taken care of in an environmentally sound manner. A good advice is to take advantage of opportunities that can fit in the growing recycling requirements, and deliver them with the help of a certified environmental management system.

Certification in building and construction

In the construction industry is a safe and secure working environment is as important as quality and environmental certification. We are one of the largest certification bodies in certifying the work environment. A certificate from us can be said to have built-in security.

Service and trade certification

In the growing competition in the market has the international ISO standards become important also in the service sector. A good advice is to let the quality and customer satisfaction become a natural part of its operation system. A certificate from us confirms that this is the case.

ISO-Certification in healthcare

Increased cost requirement has led to increased demands on organizations in nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. A certification of your business is an effective method to optimize the organization’s management processes. We have competent auditors within healthcare.

Certification of local governments

We currently have many clients in the local governments. Therefore it is important for us to be able to meet their specific requirements. We have built up teams with extensive knowledge and experience in audits of these organizations, where there are great opportunities to work successfully with operational systems. Some examples: Participation increases, everyone is pulling in the same direction, the big picture becomes clearer and efficiency.